Yegor Aushev, co-founder and CEO of Cyber Unit Technologies’ participation in “Ethical Principles for Responsible Technologies Initiative”

As part of the expansion of international cooperation under the “The Cybersecurity Dialogue” program with Aspen Digital, Yegor Aushev, co-founder and CEO of Cyber Unit Technologies and alumni of the Socrates Seminar — 2 at Aspen Institute Kyiv, participated in the “Ethical Principles for Responsible Technologies Initiative” organized by Aspen Digital and Project Liberty’s Institute.

The conference brought together key stakeholders: governments, international organizations, businesses, technologists, investors, civil society, and academia.

The goal of this initiative is:

  • Тo discuss and define а set of proposed “Ethical Principles for Responsible Technology” (focusing on emerging and disruptive technologies such as Web3, artificial intelligence, XR, neurotechnology, quantum, etc.).
  • To identify corresponding ethical tech governance recommendations for policymakers, entrepreneurs/operators, technologists, and investors on how best to build, invest in, deploy, and regulate new technologies). 

Yegor Aushеv emphasized that cross-sectoral dialogue is critically important for a broad exchange of ideas regarding the future of responsible technologies. Mr. Aushev also stressed the importance of involving as many stakeholders as possible. Therefore, the participation of representatives from Ukraine in such events is crucial, as discussions on addressing global-scale issues are currently taking place.

Through an iterative process, Project Liberty Institute and Aspen Digital will map existing efforts, gather insights, and identify best practices to compose a set of draft principles and recommendations. The results will be presented to participants in December 2023, followed by developing specific steps to implement these recommendations.