Inspiration and Motivation for Action: An Online Meeting of Aspen Teens — Leadership Dialogue

As part of the Aspen Teens: Fight for UA Dream project, Aspen Institute Kyiv and Klitschko Foundation organized an online meeting for project alumni and active teenagers with Kateryna Zagoriy and Volodymyr Klitschko.

Yulia Tychkivska, Executive Director of Aspen Institute Kyiv, and Angelina Osadcha, Director of Klitschko Foundation gave welcome remarks.

Kateryna Zagoriy, Aspen Institute Kyiv Supervisory Board member, Co-founder of the private family charitable organization Zagoriy Foundation, shared her experience in charity, patronage, and philanthropy. She also shared the principles that guide her in life:

  • The principles that guide me in charity, patronage, and philanthropy are vital to me in all areas of life, including raising children and business projects. The first principle is empathy – understanding the needs and feelings of other people. The second – I ask questions – for example, “why?” I can ask up to 20 clarifying questions for a single phrase. The third is persistence. I am willing to give up short-term bright solutions if they do not lead to a long-term perspective. The fourth is collaboration with people, building partnerships. The fifth is continuous learning – staying informed from your own experience is essential.

Volodymyr Klitschko, a professional boxer and founder of the Klitschko Foundation, shared practical advice on achieving results in life. In particular, Mr. Volodymyr talked about the F.A.C.E. the challenge methodology:

  • I was engaged in sports for about 30 years. When my coach, Emanuel Steward, passed away, his 67 years of experience went with him. He left nothing behind. This became my motivation to ensure that it didn’t happen to me. I developed the F.A.C.E. challenge methodology (show the face of the challenge). The four principles of this methodology are hidden in the abbreviation F.A.C.E.: Focus, Agility, Coordination, Endurance. These principles are essential in business, education, friendships, various relationships, and in times of war.

Aspen Teens: Fight for UA Dream is a series of seminars for teenagers. Each participant has the opportunity to understand themselves better and others, find constructive ways to overcome challenges and work together to shape the vision of the future of Ukraine.