Aspen Institute Kyiv became a dialogue platform for discussing Fundamental Science issues in Ukraine

Fundamental Science has a decisive influence on the society in which it exists. Without its development, it is impossible to build an intellectual environment, which would move the country to a better future.

On July 5, the Aspen Institute Kyiv held a round table “Fundamental Research and Society”. It was an online event. More than 200 viewers simultaneously watched the stream on ZOOM and YouTube platforms. It was the first Ukrainian event organized within the global initiative of the Aspen Institute of Science & Society.

Yuliya Tychkivska, Executive Director of Aspen Institute Kyiv, underlined in her speech the importance of developing a culture of dialogue in the field of Science in Ukraine. It is necessary to involve all stakeholders: theorists, scientists, heads of institutions, people who make decisions at the state level.

Under the moderation of Natalia Shulga, the speakers of the event Serhiy Babak, Yuliia Bezvershenko, Volodymyr Kamyshyn, Oleksiy Kolezhuk, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Olga Polotska discussed the prospects of basic research in Ukraine, their funding, and the possibility of bringing their results into the global scientific context.

All speakers noted that it is necessary to search the ways to develop science in Ukraine. And a constructive dialogue of all stakeholders can help. We are truly grateful to our speakers and participants for a conversation on an important topic.

The stream recording is already on the YouTube channel and the Facebook page of Aspen Institute Kyiv.