Aspen Institute Kyiv honored Olga Rudnieva, head of the Help Ukraine Center, for her contribution to the sustainability of Ukrainian society

Every year Aspen Institute Kyiv honors the graduates of our programs who showed the most prominent activity during the year and became an example of value-oriented leadership. Olga Rudnieva received the award for her contribution to the sustainability of Ukrainian society.

Olga Rudnieva — “Responsible Leadership” seminar — 9 alumni. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, she headed the Help Ukraine Center. It is the largest logistics hub for humanitarian aid in Eastern Europe. Help Ukraine Center attracts aid from all over the world, processes it and transports it to Ukraine. In November, the Center delivered 18,465 pallets of various necessary items — food and drinks, hygiene products, medicines, clothes and shoes, and others.

Olga and the Help Ukraine Center team helped hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians: both military and civilians. In addition, their team showed how to provide humanitarian aid quickly, systematically and efficiently.

Olga Rudnieva also headed the Superhumans Center organization. The organization aims to build high-quality expertise in prosthetics and high-tech medical interventions in Ukraine, bring modern medical practices to our country and turn it into a “country of superhumans” instead of a “country of traumatized people.” Superhumans Center is now launching a modern center for prosthetics, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and psychological support for war-affected adults and children.