Aspen Institute Kyiv honored Oleksiy Reznikov, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, for his example of value-oriented leadership

The responsibility of leaders under the conditions of a full-scale Russian war against Ukraine has increased, and the values underlying their actions have become even more critical. Every year, Aspen Institute Kyiv honors Community members who have shown an example of value-oriented leadership during the year. Oleksiy Reznikov, “Responsible Leadership” seminar – 14 alumni, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, received this honor in 2022.

Oleksiy Reznikov headed the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine before a full-scale Russian invasion of our country — in November 2021. Oleksiy Reznikov is not a member of the regular military, but he managed to provide the Ukrainian army with everything necessary to resist the invaders. Oleksiy Reznikov gained respect among the military and civilians thanks to his courage, stability and responsibility.

No less important is Oleksiy Reznikov’s work in the international area. Mr. Reznikov is a member of the so-called Ramstein — the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine. This platform helps NATO and allied defense ministers coordinate efforts to support our country in its fight for freedom.