Dialogues about society and the state’s challenges, leadership seminars and Aspen Community development: Aspen Institute Kyiv presented its plans for 2023

Aspen Institute Kyiv shared its activity plan for 2023. All activities will be aimed at realizing the Institute’s mission: formation of value-oriented leadership, promoting the culture of dialogue and exchanging ideas for the common good.

Conducting leadership seminars

For security reasons, the Institute didn’t hold leadership seminars last year. At the same time, awareness of the values that leaders are guided by making decisions has become even more critical due to a full-scale Russian invasion. And the responsibility has increased a lot.

For 2023, the Institute’s executive team has planned two “Responsible Leadership” seminars and a “Values and Society” seminar for young leaders. 

Engaging leader’s dialogues about important issues

Sincere dialogue exchange of unique experiences and ideas helps not only to research current issues better but also to make decisions more effectively. As in previous years, Aspen Institute Kyiv will involve leaders in discussing the value bases of their activities and the challenges facing Ukrainian society in general and individual fields. 

The executive team of the Institute is planning three “Business and Society” seminars, two of them being offline. Submit applications for the seminar “Business and Society”. 

In addition, in 2023, Aspen Institute Kyiv is planning to hold seminars “Media and Reality” and “Justice, Law and Society”. One seminar is for representatives of the media community, and two seminars and three events – for professionals in jurisprudence, public administration and human rights activities. 

In 2022, the Institute launched two new program directions. “The Cybersecurity Dialogue ” program is implemented in partnership with the USAID project “Cyber Security of Critically Important Infrastructure of Ukraine”. Five dialogues and two seminars are planned for 2023. Implementation of the Program dedicated to a new social contract for Ukraine is supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy). In 2023 the Institute will hold eight seminars in various formats.

In addition, the Institute will pay special attention to European integration issues (three events are planned) and mental health. Also AIK is planning to develop The Aspen Teens program — ten seminars and a Forum for teenagers are planning.

Development of the Aspen Community 

One of the key priorities for the Institute in 2023 will remain the development of the Aspen community. Members of the Community are the most active graduates who are united by the desire for the common good. Institute will hold four Aspen talks, three dialog sessions, and two club seminars.

In addition, Aspen Institute Kyiv team plans to separate events for the members of the Institute – Ukrainian leaders, whose support, in particular, enables the further implementation of Institute’s activities. A Fellowship workshop and two Fellowship meetings are planned.

Also, in 2022, an annual meeting of alumni — Aspen Reunion — will take place.

Establishing communication between Ukrainian and foreign leaders

Thanks to its involvement in the international network of partners, the Institute can build direct communication between Ukrainian leaders and their foreign colleagues.

For 2023, the Institute is planning four international events. Also, Aspen Institute Kyiv will be the organizer of the Aspen seminar for young European leaders.

Also, Aspen Institute Kyiv is planning two public events that could not be held last year:

  • Festival of Ideas
  • Good Governance Forum