Fight for freedom. Aspen Institute Kyiv gathered 83 initiatives of Community members and Alumni

Aspen Institute Kyiv created a site for the Aspen Alumni and Community members’ initiatives to achieve Ukrainian victory. As of May 19, the executive team collected 83 initiatives. Check them out and get involved at: https://www.aspeninitiativesua.org.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Ukrainians showed an incredible ability to self-organize and solve any problems quickly and efficiently. Members of the Community and graduates of Aspen Institute Kyiv seminars also prove that values are in actions. Their initiatives and projects bring victory on all fronts closer. T

The executive team of Aspen Institute Kyiv has created a site where we collect and systematize these initiatives. As of May 19, you can join 83 projects using the link. In addition, the information on the website may be relevant for Ukrainians who need help.

The initiatives are grouped into six sections: humanitarian aid, medical aid, army aid, aid to refugees, media support, and others. The site also provides an opportunity to contact the initiators.