Members of the Ukrainian Aspen community took part in Aspen Young European Leaders Seminar

Members of the Ukrainian Aspen community Ilya Chernogorenko, Hanna Novosad and Alina Nosenko took part in an international Aspen Young European Leaders Seminar, which took place on September 3-5.

Aspen Young European Leaders Seminar is an annual international seminar for leaders from different countries, organized by the Aspen Institute Central Europe and the Aspen Institute Germany in coordination with the Aspen Initiative for Europe.

A total of 22 leaders from different countries took part in this year’s seminar, namely representatives of business and media, the public sector, the high-tech industry, human rights activists and others. Among them are members of the Ukrainian Aspen community:

 Ilya Chernogorenko – Founder of Ukrainian Center for the Efficiency of Justice, Aspen Seminar “Justice, Law and Society – 6”

 Anna Novosad  Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (August 29, 2019 March 4, 2020), Aspen Seminar “School education in the dimension of the future”

 Alina Nosenko  Director of Klitschko Foundation, Aspen Seminar “Values and Society – 1”

The topic of the seminar was “Fractured Europe?”. Participants discussed the essence and history of European identity, the problem of common values and prospects of the European project, based on the work of Immanuel Kant, Vaclav Havel, Peter Schneider, Olga Tokarchuk, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other texts.

“For me, the main discovery of the Seminar were the ideas contained in the texts for discussion. Ideas: from the current phrase of Javier Solana that the coronavirus deprives a person of taste and smell, but should not deprive a sense of humor, to the fundamental at all times the idea of Immanuel Kant that man should not be perceived as a means to achieve the goals of others, and as an end in itself ”, said Ilya Chernohorenko, a participant of the seminar,

Members of the Ukrainian Aspen community Oksana Nechyporenko (Values and Society  2), Pavlo Kukhta (Values and Society  3), Mykola Davydyuk (Values and  4), Daryna Zavirna (Values and Society  4), Dmytro Zavhorodniy (Values and Society  5) and Executive Director of The Aspen Institute Kyiv Yulia Tychkivskahave already taken part in previous Aspen Young European Leaders Seminars.

“Through reading texts about values, reflections on the processes and events in Europe and the world of authors of different eras of the twentieth century, I think we were able to discuss why we are where we are now. It was especially interesting for me that we, the participants from different European countries, understood and felt each other so easily (even in Zoom), and our discussion of the spirit of the time was so similar in tone and emotion. It is as if we are all, though so different, but as generations imbued with the values ​​of democracy and human freedom. I want to believe that this is an important marker for not repeating the mistakes of the 20th century,” said Anna Novosad, a participant in the seminar.

The seminar was held for the fourth time. Previous seminars were held in Spoleto, Italy (2017), Ronda, Spain (2018) and Annecy, France (2019). In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s seminar was held online.