Dialogue on justice and the work of the prosecutor’s office. Members of the Community met with the Prosecutor General

On October 19, Aspen residents met with Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova. They discussed philosophical categories, such as justice, and on more applied topics changes in the prosecutor’s office, progress in the investigation of high-profile cases, the interaction of law enforcement agencies.

All participants of the meeting had the opportunity to ask their questions. The dialogue with the Prosecutor General took place off the record.

The meeting was moderated by Andriy Kulakov, Program Coordinator of the Aspen Institute Kyiv Community.

The Aspen Community brings together leaders from different areas: business, politics and civil service, public sector, media, and others. About 300 members have already joined the Community. This is an intelligent platform where you can discuss both meta-issues and practical ideas on an equal footing. In addition, we systematically hold such meetings, where you can directly ask questions of interest to members of the Community, says Larysa Latypova, Program Director of the Aspen Institute Kyiv Community.