The second “Business and Society” Seminar for members of the CEO Club Ukraine was held

On February 20-26, 2021, the second “Business and Society” Seminar for members of the CEO Club Ukraine was held. The event took place in the Chernihiv region.

The event gathered Ukrainian entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners, representatives of the media community, academia, members of the Verkhovna Rada, public figures, and others.

During moderated dialogues with elements of the Socratic method of discussion, participants read and discussed fragments of works by classical and modern thinkers, exchanged their views and experiences with the intention of better understanding the role of business in contemporary economic, political and social conditions. The short-term goals and ambitions pressure could obstruct the productive economic development of society as a whole, limit business opportunities to invest resources in the best – to create quality goods and services, invest in innovation, and develop human capital. The dialogues of the seminar aimed at discussing the dimensions of the responsibility of leaders in these processes.

During the event, participants shared views on how their professional and personal trajectories, business decisions, and investments could be reconciled with the long-term health of society, country, and the whole world.