Policy Program Director at the Aspen Institute Kyiv Olena Fomina participated in the International Program Collaboration at the Aspen Institute

Olena Fomina, Policy Program Director at the Aspen Institute Kyiv, participated in the International Program Collaboration, hosted by the Aspen Institute’s International Partners and the Aspen Strategy Group.

The program aims to foster international cooperation and facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among Aspen Institutes. During the meetings with Jonathon Price, Director of the International Partners Network at the Aspen Institute, Elliot Gerson, Executive Vice President of the Aspen Institute, and Daniel R. Porterfield, President and CEO at the Aspen Institute, Olena discussed the challenges facing Ukraine, implementation of the program initiatives aimed at bringing the victory in the war closer, as well as deepening collaboration and interaction.

Also, Olena participated in the discussions within the Young Leaders Program organized by the Aspen Strategy Group, which engages leaders in dialogue for three years in national security and foreign policy fields. As part of the program, she joined a conversation with Steven Hadley, a Member of the Aspen Strategic Group and Former National Security Advisor.

At the meeting with Aspen Institute Kyiv Supervisory Board Chairperson Natalie Jaresko, they discussed policy program priorities in 2023 and strategic plans for the near future. 

Olena Fomina expressed her gratitude to the partners for the opportunity to meet the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Program and Philanthropy and Social Innovation Programs teams.

“Interactive meetings with colleagues and communication with program participants allowed me to look at the challenges faced during the wartime with another point of view and gain experience to be applied in Aspen Institute’s Kyiv projects. Once again I felt that AIK is part of a powerful international network that shares the Aspen-mission,” says Olena Fomina.

The Aspen Institute Kyiv is highly appreciative to its partners for the opportunity to participate in this program for the knowledge sharing and dialogue to work towards jointly developing a good society in the future. We are also highly thankful for the support of Ukraine and the support in overcoming the challenges facing Ukraine.