Leaders from all over Ukraine gathered at the Ideas Festival in Odesa

The third Ideas Festival took place on August 24-26 in Odesa and became the largest intellectual event for leaders in Ukraine. The event was organized by Aspen Institute Kyiv and Impact Hub Odessa.       

Ideas Festival — is an open platform for the exchange of ideas and co-creation, a meeting place of thousands of leaders from all over Ukraine. The festival has traditionally been held in Odessa, simultaneously at six locations: ImpactHubOdessa, 4City, IQ Space, Invogue Gallery, Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art and the Green Theater.

156 speakers from Ukraine and 11 other countries (Canada, Austria, Poland, etc.) particvipated in the event and shared ideas, that are at the forefront of business, science, media, education, medicine, government, culture and the creative industries. Among them: Jerzy Onuch, Petr Vítek, Ivanna Klimpush-Tsintsadze, Igor Lisky, Irina Slavinska, Anton Senenko, Boris Davidenko, Vakhtang Kebuladze, Lubomir Deresh, Maxim Bakhmatov, Alexander Linchevsky, Pavel Kazarin, Svit. A complete list of speakers can be accessed at the link >>

The ideas festival 2019 is focused on ukrainian society in the context of Global trends. For three days, Odessa turned into an intellectual hub for almost three thousand leaders from different areas from al over  Ukraine.

Event photos can be accessed at the link >>

Thank you all for your participating and see at the Ideas Festival 2020 – we welcome!