“Art and a national identity” was accomplished club seminar

On August 9-11, within The Aspen Institute Kyiv – Aspen Society of Fellows Program was accomplished next club seminar. The seminar was dedicated to “Art and national identity” and gathered Aspen-community members, to re-immerse ourselves in profound reflections on the issues that shape our worldview and views.


The moderated dialogue allowed participants to discuss how the topic of national and public plays center stage in art and become a basement for inspiration to leaders and nations. How poets and artists built up and still building up a national identity in Eastern Europe, and colonial politics created different symbols worldwide. What does politics mean, and what is the role of museums in this process. How national motives and styles transformed in music and where it leads.


The crucial part of the seminar became a meeting with a founder of the LvivMozArt and a prominent conductor of modernity Oksana Lyniv. Oksana became the first woman-conductor of Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in Graz. Also, Oksana is a winner of prestigious international prizes, such as TREBBIA International Awards and Munich Opera Festival. 

During the meeting, she sincerely shared with personal art experience and future professional plans.


In conclusion, the participants joined the concert program of the LvivMozArt festival, which is rightfully one of the most significant cultural events in Ukraine!