International Aspen Experience: Alumni of the third Values ​​and Society Seminar took part in an International Event for Young Leaders

As a platform for leadership dialogue, Aspen Institute Kyiv creates various opportunities for community members. That opportunities also include participation in international events.

An international seminar for young leaders was recently organized by the Aspen Institute Central Europe in partnership with the Aspen Institute Romania. The event brought together young leaders from all over Europe. The main topic of the dialogues was the post-pandemic paradigm of Europe.

The event was attended by two graduates of the Aspen Institute Kyiv third Values ​​and Society Seminar:

  • Lesya Vasylenko, MP of Ukraine.
  • Slava Zhyla, director of the Kyiv Theatre on Lipki, artistic director of the Kyiv Academic Theater “Actor”.

Slava Zhyla speaks of the international seminar as an experience of in-depth acquaintance with leaders who lead and represent their countries and nationalities.

Mr. Zhyla also shared his thoughts on the chosen topic of the seminar: “At the sessions we discussed the post-pandemic world. And the opinions of the participants, for the most part, resonated. In the theory of drama there is the concept of “event” — an active fact that changes behavior irreversibly. Such an event for us was a pandemic. Our thoughts have changed, and we are moving in a new direction. And this is no longer a struggle between the old and the new. This is the beginning of the future”.

Lesya Vasylenko spoke about the importance of her participation in the international seminar in her Facebook post: “Sometimes you have to disconnect to join. Immersion in the texts of philosophers of antiquity and modernity, discussion of not simple and ambiguous issues — it’s all Aspen. This time the thoughts were around a new post-pandemic paradigm of Europe. With new ideas (and forces) I am ready to fully and finally return to work”.

Aspen Institute Kyiv team sincerely congratulates our graduates with new experience and worthy representation of Ukraine!