Reflections on the future of education: how could be useful the Aspen methodology in secondary school?

On October 1, Aspen Institute Kyiv together with Klitschko Foundation within the NEOsvitniy Arsenal held a panel discussion “Realms of the future of education: what should be the school of the 21st century”.
Speakers spoke about the experience of value rethinking, self-understanding, and the gaps of today’s general education.

The speakers of the event were:

  • Denis Poltavets, Director of Program Development at Aspen Institute Kyiv;
  • Angelina Osadcha, Director of Klitschko Foundation;
  • Nazariy Galaychuk, participant of the “Realms of the Future 7.0” Seminar.

The moderator of the discussion was Anastasia Donska, founder and director of Big Brother School.

The main theses of the discussion:

  • What benefits can a teenager take from a discussion of philosophical texts? Through the dialogue and philosophical texts, which offered at the seminar, teenagers start not just searching for questions but asking their own questions. It is very useful for thinking skills development.
  • One of the important goals of “Realms of the Future” is to answer the question: who am I? Often the answer is replaced by third-party instructions. We offer to talk about ourselves and each of us from different perspectives, to understand ourselves, those around us, and to understand our vocation.
  • What should be in modern education? Today’s education lacks training in social skills, civic skills: how to communicate, how to build joint activities, how to adapt quickly to a certain culture, and how to develop your own. “Realms of the Future” Seminar is a great opportunity for networking and acquiring these skills.
  • The task of the school is to teach not the discipline, but the development of a creative personality, to encourage the study of topics that lie outside the scope of the general education program.
  • The future of our education should focus on creating a lasting motivation to learn throughout life, as well as developing the skills of critical thinking and a creative attitude to one’s destiny.

Register for the seminar “Realms of the Future 8.0” until October 8 by the link: https://bit.ly/3BMaE3I