Natalie Jaresko explained CNN, why the actual US sanctions on Russia are not enough

The US are acting too timidly, they are not acting with the level of urgency Ukraine deserves. The Chairperson of the Aspen Institute Kyiv Supervisory Board Natalie Jaresko explained in a CNN interview, why the actual US sanctions on Russia are not enough. Read the main theses below: 

  • The US should have broader and deeper sanctions on Russia. For this time, the US sanctioned the selected number of Russian banks, companies, oligarchs, political and economic leaders. They should impose sanctions on all of them to isolate the Russian economy right now to stop financing and fueling the Russian war in Ukraine.
  • The US needs to help Ukraine defeat Russia at war. We always need to try diplomatic negotiations, searching for a diplomatic path, but Putin is not good to his word. He denies Ukrainian existence as a nation to have its sovereignty and to have its territorial integrity. It is hard to believe that a diplomatic solution is possible.
  • If we do not stop the Putin regime in Ukraine, he will go further. We have already seen that from history. It started with Chechnya, then it went in 2008 to Georgia, in 2014 to Crimea and Donbas, and now the whole of Ukraine. So, if we do not stop him in Ukraine, his appetite for rebuilding the empire will continue. Also, we have risks today with the bombing of nuclear reactors plants. If one of those nuclear reactor plants’ walls crack, it will affect NATO without invading any of its countries.