Natalie Jaresko: “The sanctions are way too selective, and it’s too little, too late. Time is of the essence”

The Aspen Institute Kyiv Chairperson Natalie Jaresko is confident that Ukraine will win the war against the Russian Federation. At the same time, she emphasizes that sanctions against Russia are way too selective, and it’s too little, too late. According to Natalie, globally governments and businesses, including technology companies, should be more active.

  • Some sanctions are only effective later in March, but they should be implemented immediately. Government sanctions should target all the state banks and energy and commodity companies in Russia.
  • The sanctions should also apply to Belarus, which allowed the buildup of Russian troops in its territory and allow attacks from their territory.
  • All individuals of the Russian political and economic elite, from the members of Duma to every top Russian oligarch in the Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world, should be sanctioned.
  • Cloud platforms should stop servicing their Russian clients. They should work toward the isolation of the country. From dating apps to marketing platforms, all need to cease operating there.

For more information on the position of Natalie Jaresko, see the link: https://cnet.co/3J3qL0M. Everyone in their place continues to defend the interests of Ukraine.