Yuliya Tychkivska, Executive Director of The Aspen Institute Kyiv at the Forbes and Know Your Value’s #3050AbuDhabi Summit: “We are not afraid. We don’t consider ourselves refugees…We are fighters”.  

In her speech at #3050AbuDhabi Summit Yuliya Tychkivska stressed that Ukrainians are fighting not only for the independence of Ukraine. It’s a fight for European peace and European freedom. At the cost of our lives, we defend European values. 

Yulia Tychkivska also thanked all international partners and friends of Ukraine for their support. At the same time, she asked for more action.

  • The first priority is to close the sky over Ukraine. Russian troops cannot fight Ukrainians on the ground, but they are bombing peaceful cities and killing civilians.
  • The second point is the sanctions strengthening. Especially against the Russian elites, who are now trying to escape and saying that this war is only through politicians. Russians voted for the people who are now killing civilians in Ukraine. They have to be responsible for this, that’s how democracy works.
  • The third is humanitarian support. The Red Cross should work not from Poland, but in our country. They have to help Ukrainians who are now looking for evacuation corridors. Especially — women, children, and the elderly.


We are grateful for the opportunity to bring these important messages to the world. We ask everyone to stay with Ukraine. Now it is more important than ever!