Сreative works watching and casual dialogue. Graduates of the third “Business and Society” Seminar received certificates

On July 2, 2021, the first offline meeting of graduates of the third “Business and Society” Seminar took place. Participants received certificates, presented their creative works, and exchanged ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The “Business and Society” Seminar is a series of events aimed to create a platform for dialogue between business leaders.

Criteria for selection of participants:

  • readiness for transformations of conventional ideas about the nature of entrepreneurship and leadership;
  • ability to invest time and effort in their development, to form new values ​​in the business environment;
  • desire and ability to think and act progressively and in a long-term manner in the interests of society.

The seminar was divided into 4 thematic blocks: “Homo economicus: in search of self”, “Business and Authority“, “Justice, Ethics, and Morality in Business”, “Leadership and Values ​​in the Vortex of Modernity”. Participants took part in moderated dialogues with elements of the Socratic method, as well as in conversations with leaders and experts in various fields.

Members of the group “Business and Society-3” studied online. And during the offline meeting, they were also joined by participants of the first two groups of the seminar “Business and Society”. Together they reviewed the creative works created during the seminars, met, and talked.

The Objective of the “Business and Society” Seminar is to expand the understanding of social processes and dominant values, to help entrepreneurs better understand their role in building a better society. Offline meetings that take place during or after the seminars are a great opportunity to exchange ideas, get inspiration, and a huge supply of energy, — said Alina Shklyaruk, Seminar Program Director at Aspen Institute Kyiv.