Outcomes of the Seminar “Homo Economicus: in Search of Oneself”

On August 1, the online seminar “Homo economicus: in search of self” came to an end. It was the first module of the Business and Society” program amongst four planned  modules. The seminar gathered about 40 participants from different regions of Ukraine, who formed two groups. A series of online meetings for the participants of the first group took place on July 15-18, the second group – on July 29 – August 1.

The participants of the seminar are entrepreneurs and top managers in such areas as IT, logistics, medicine, finance, real estate, energy, coaching, landscaping and landscaping, security, charity, law, investment, beauty and health, education, engineering, communications, organization of events, legal business, etc.

The focus of the seminar “Homo Economicus: in Search of Oneself” was the nature of man as a producer and creator of new goods, the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, its origins and historical role.

Participants took part in moderated dialogues discussing the nature of man as an economic being and the phenomenon of entrepreneurship on the basis of works by classical and modern thinkers. Among the thinkers whose works were addressed are Aristotle, John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Ayn Rand and others.

In addition, members of the two groups took part in an online meeting with business community leaders who shared their entrepreneurial experience and professional principles:

Vasyl Khmelnytsky is an entrepreneur, founder of the UFuture holding company and the K.Fund.

Volodymyr Fedoryn is Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Ukraine, co-founder of Bendukidze Free Market Center, writer.

Andriy Stavnitser is co-owner and CEO of TIS, owner of MV Cargo, partner of SD Capital, member of the Board of Trustees of The Aspen Institute Kyiv.

Zhanna Kryuchkova is founder of Jansen Capital Management, co-owner of Almaz Group and Stikon, founder of Huxley, member of the Aspen community.

Moderators of dialogues and online meetings with business community leaders:

Serhiy Rogol is co-owner of the ESTET group of companies, member of the Board of Trustees of The Aspen Institute in Kyiv.

Denis Poltavets is Director of Program Development at The Aspen Institute Kyiv Denis Poltavets.

The Business and Society” program is a series of four seminars aiming to create a platform for dialogue between business leaders who are ready to transform stereotyped ideas on the nature of entrepreneurship and leadership, to form new values ​​in the business environment, to think and act progressively and in a long-term manner in the interests of society. Topics of the following seminars are “Business and Power”, “Justice, Ethics and Morality in Business”, “Leadership and Values ​​in the Whirlpool of Modernity”.