Creative Meeting for members of the Aspen community at the Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine

A creative meeting for members of the Aspen community took place at the Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine. Following a meaningful and unique tour, where participants explored fascinating exhibits. Moreover, community members engaged in a creative and poetic gathering. The meeting was unique, as everyone had the opportunity to recite poems from their favorite poets and prose writers, quotes from historical figures, or lines from their works that inspire and provide strength in difficult moments of life.

The works of Rudyard Kipling, Vasyl Stus, Serhiy Zhadan, Ruby Kaur, Lina Kostenko, Mykola Vingranovsky, and Lesya Ukrainka were just a part of the poets and authors whose works were recited by Aspen members. Additionally, literary works were repeated by contemporary professional writers Irena Karpa and Nadiyka Herbish.

We thank everyone for the warm atmosphere of the evening and the opportunity to connect with creativity and inspiration through the art of words!