The second seminar of the Reinventing Ukrainian Identity Project was held

On June 5, the second seminar of the Reinventing Ukrainian Identity Project was held, bringing together political leaders, senior civil servants, business leaders, public intellectuals, and media community representatives.

19 participants of the seminar took part in moderated dialogues with elements of the Socratic method — jointly discussed the texts of modern Ukrainian thinkers, exchanged views and experiences intending to better understand and comprehend topics related to modern Ukrainian identity.

Yuliya Tychkivska, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Kyiv, made an introductory speech, emphasizing the importance of leaders’ awareness of their identity as an important factor in social development and integration into global processes.

During the seminar, participants discussed the culture of dialogue, the future of Ukrainian society, the national narrative, the development of culture, human rights, the evolution of national identity.

The seminar was moderated by Denis Poltavets, Director of Program Development at Aspen Institute Kyiv, and Anton Drobovych, Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

Aspen Institute Kyiv is grateful to seminar participants for their openness and meaningful exchange of views.

Aspen Institute Kyiv will hold eight more Dialogue on Identity seminars. They are designed to promote tolerance for diversity of views and values ​​in Ukrainian society.

We invite MPs of Ukraine, high-level civil servants, leaders of business associations and the media community, and public intellectuals to participate.

Contact person for the Project implementation is Olena Fomina, National Identity Program Manager, email: of@aspeninstitutekyiv.org.

The project was initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Information policy of Ukraine and is implemented with financial support from the European Union.