The open dialogue and the transformational experience. The 23rd “Responsible Leadership” Seminar was held

On October 23-29, 2021, the 23rd “Responsible Leadership” Seminar took place in the Carpathians. As a platform for leadership dialogue, the Aspen Institute Kyiv brought together representatives of business, government, academia, media, culture, the public sector, and others.

During the week, the leaders from various professional areas conducted dialogues about human nature, equality, freedom, contradictions in society, a dignified life, the responsibility of the leader, and other fundamental categories. The discussion was based on the works of classical and modern thinkers. Participants exchanged their points of view and experiences. The seminar was moderated by Serhiy Rogol and Yehor Hryhorenko.

—We are convinced that the practice of civil dialogue is important for the development of a good society in Ukraine. There is another component of the seminar work: wisdom, which hides in philosophical works, and its rethinking allows seminar participants to find new ideas and senses, — says Alina Shklyaruk, Seminar Program Director at Aspen Institute Kyiv.