The executive team and Aspen Institute Kyiv seminar moderators discussed the action plan for the year

The first meeting of Aspen Institute Kyiv moderators in 2023 occurred on January 25. Moderators are essential in conducting seminars and other Institute events. Firstly, they direct the dialogue into a productive channel. Secondly, ensuring compliance with the rules of discussion, including respect for the opinions of other participants and the necessity of appealing to their ideas rather than specific individuals is vital. 

During the meeting:

  • Executive Director of Aspen Institute Kyiv, Yuliya Tychkivska, presented the activity plan for 2023, which you can see via the link. Among the priorities, she admitted leadership seminars, events within program directions, and dialogues for the Community. 
  • Director of Program Development at the Institute, Denis Poltavets, discussed the seminar moderation plan with the participants. They focused separately on a series of seminars aimed at youth and dialogue events devoted to a social contract.
  • The Institute’s executive team members and moderators discussed the specifics of moderating seminars during times of war.

A significant portion of the Institute’s events for this year is planned to be conducted offline. Of course, in doing so, the executive team will consider safety issues.