The completion of the legal procedure for the accession of PO “Alumni Association Aspen-Ukraine” to CSU “The Aspen Institute Kyiv”

From the very beginning, the development of the Aspen idea in Ukraine was based on a culture of cooperation and support. Alumni of the first “Responsible Leadership” seminar created the “Alumni Association Aspen-Ukraine.” This organization provided the realization of leadership seminars and supported the creation of the Institute.

This November, we completed the legal procedure of joining the Aspen-Ukraine Alumni Association at the Aspen Institute Kyiv. Along with its completion, a crucial page in the history of the Institute’s institutional development ended. 

We are genuinely grateful to the members of the coordinating councils, alums, and everyone who has invested their energy and resources in the functioning of the Association and participated in the creation and development of the Institute.

Lawyers of EVERLEGAL Law Firm headed by Andriy Olenyuk, “Justice, Law and Society — 5”, Yevhen Deyneko, a “Business and Society — 2” and lawyers of KINSTELLAR headed by Galyna Zagorodnyuk, “Justice, Law and Society — 7” and “Business and Society — 5” supported the joining process. 

We sincerely thank our colleagues for their expert pro bono support. We truly appreciate your input to the organizational stability of the Institute. It has become an excellent reflection of the principles that formed the basis for developing the Aspen Idea in Ukraine many years ago.

Olena Fomina, Policy Program Director of the Aspen Institute Kyiv, coordinated the project.