Changes in Aspen Institute Kyiv Supervisory Board

Aspen Institute Kyiv announces changes in the Supervisory Board: Ms. Olena Boitsun completed her term of office as a member of the Supervisory Board due to the expiration of her two-year term. And Mr. Eliot Gerson is gaining Ex officio and non-voting observer status.

We are truly grateful to Olena Boitsun, Luminate’s Director of Investment in Central and Eastern Europe, for her contribution to strengthening the institutional capacity of the Aspen Institute in Kyiv and for her active involvement in the Supervisory Board of the Institute.

Olena actively supported the development of the Good Governance program and was also the co-chair of the Digital Challenges for Democracy program group.

Also, under Olena’s initiative Aspen Institute Kyiv has developed and implemented policies and compliance procedures that ensure transparency and effective implementation of the Institute’s mission.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding with the Aspen Institute (USA), Mr. Eliot Gerson, Executive Vice President of the Aspen Institute,  became Ex officio and non-voting observer of the Supervisory Board.

We are pleased that Ms. Olena and Mr. Eliot remain deeply involved in the activities of the Aspen Institute in Kyiv as members of the Institute.