Good Governance Forum 2019 (online)

  • Дата:
    11 вересня, 2019
  • Місце проведення
    Київ, Україна
  • Дедлайн:
    11 September, 2019
Date: September 11, 2019 (9.30-16.00)
Venue: online (we will send the program of Forum and link where you will find the online stream)


The Forum`s core Agenda should address issues related to digital challenges to democracy with special focus on:

Artificial Intelligence Safety: review of recent AI developments and their projection on social processes in different democratic societies, AI influence on transformation of democratic institutions; AI challenges to be addressed in the nearest future (3-5 years) and their relevance to Ukraine; specific measures to be undertaken on different levels of policy making process including international cooperation; AI safety as a research field.

Digital media: review of policy responses to main threats to democracy that stem from evolution of digital media (propaganda, fake news, media toxicity) in different societies.

Digital rights: overview of the main principles of policy making in the field of digital rights, forms of protection and restriction, existing formats of international cooperation in the field. The Forum is designed to allow leaders from different countries to exchange experiences and ideas on how to nurture democratic governance and develop solutions to common problems related to penetration of digital technologies.

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