Natalie Jaresko and 35 other experts agree: Stay the course of Ukraine

The Hill posted an opposite editorial page (op-ed) on the importance of the further Western support of Ukraine. The authors of the material emphasized that helping Ukraine defend its land and freedom is also in the Western security interest.

The op-ed was signed by more than 30 experts and national security professionals. Natalie Jaresko, former Minister of Finance of Ukraine and Chairperson of the Aspen Institute Kyiv Supervisory Board, was one of those experts. 

Among other thing, signatories agree that: 

  • Putin’s war on Ukraine is a direct attack on international law and the global order which enshrines sovereignty, territorial integrity and the peaceful resolution of disputes and has given the world 75 years of prosperity and the absence of great power war. 
  • Putin’s aggressive designs may not end with the subjugation of Ukraine. If successful there, he might be tempted to seek to restore Moscow’s influence throughout the entire area once controlled by the Soviet Union. 
  • The United States and Europe must avoid the urge to encourage Kyiv to negotiate a cease fire that falls short of Ukraine’s goals and could consign millions of Ukrainians to Russian control; after all, Putin denies the legitimacy of a unique Ukrainian identity, and Russian forces have already committed countless war crimes against them. 
  • The United States should continue to exert leadership in the Western effort to provide Ukraine the weapons it needs, to impose additional sanctions on Moscow, and to bolster NATO’s military presence on its eastern flank. 
  • This unjustified war has a clear aggressor — Russia — and a clear victim — Ukraine. The West should aim to see that the Kremlin’s aggression fails and that Ukraine prevails on the battlefield or achieves an outcome that Kyiv can accept.

Read the full text of the op-ed by the link: https://thehill.com/opinion/national-security/3508456-36-experts-agree-stay-the-course-in-ukraine/