Development of dialogue culture in Ukraine: Aspen Institute Kyiv held a seminar for members of the YPO Kyiv Chapter

The development of a culture of dialogue in Ukraine brings us closer to the formation of a society with a dignified life. One of the activities of the Institute is holding seminars for partner organizations, whose members get the opportunity to exchange leadership experience, discuss today’s challenges, try to predict future trends, and take part in unique creative work.

On February 9-13, Aspen Institute Kyiv held a seminar “Business and Society” for members of the YPO Kyiv Chapter. During the seminar, owners and managers of international and Ukrainian companies discussed the texts of classical and modern thinkers, looking for answers to contemporary questions. They addressed the topics of the nature of entrepreneurship, power, leadership, property, justice, freedom, social contract, etc.

Despite the sometimes different opinions of the participants, the discussion took place in a sincere atmosphere of relaxed dialogue, because the peculiarity of the Aspen method is an appeal to the content of ideas and thoughts, and not to personalities.

The seminar was moderated by Denis Poltavets, director of program development of Aspen Institute Kyiv, and Serhiy Rogol, co-owner of the “ESTET” group of companies.

The seminar was coordinated by Alina Shklyaruk, director of seminar programs at Aspen Institute Kyiv.