Annual meeting of International Committee of The Aspen Institute

On November 12, The annual meeting of the International Committee of The Aspen Institute took place. Although the meeting is traditionally held in New York, this year due to quarantine restrictions it took place online.

The meeting was attended by heads of twelve Aspen Institutes  – from the United States, Ukraine, Central Europe, Germany, Italy, Romania, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, India and New Zealand. Representatives of the Aspen Initiative in Great Britain also took part in the meeting. Welcoming speeches were made by Clare Munana, Chairperson of the International Committee, Dan Porterfield, President of the Aspen Institute (USA) and Elliot Gerson, Vice President of the Aspen Institute (USA).

The Aspen Initiative UK, which will soon become the Aspen Institute, was presented during the meeting. Aspen network participants also exchanged experiences of digital program formats and ideas for joint international activities. The activities of The Aspen Institute Kyiv in 2020 were presented by the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Institute Natalia Yaresko.