Statement on the 2020 United States Presidential Election by The Aspen Institute in USA

We gladly share Statement by The Aspen Institute in USA on the 2020 United States presidential election:

As the American people and the world await the determination of the winner of the U.S. presidential election, we have faith in our democratic institutions and believe in the importance of patience as election officials undertake a complete and accurate count of all of the votes, which is essential.

One thing is already clear: We have seen record turnout across the country demonstrating a remarkably high level of civic engagement, even in the face of a pandemic and other barriers. While the American people are divided on many issues, they have shown a deep investment in our democratic process. That investment is needed in order to address the challenges our country faces—challenges that motivated people to go to the polls in the first place.

The Aspen Institute is invested in strengthening our democratic practices and institutions by promoting civil discourse and by cultivating values-based leadership. In these times, we are committed to bringing together Americans who stand in disagreement and to helping to create the space and mechanisms for them to work together productively across the differences we all face as a country. Our mission and our many programs drive change towards a free, just, and equitable society—critical in these times and in all times.

Daniel R. Porterfield
President and CEO, Aspen Institute

James S. Crown
Chair, Aspen Institute Board of Trustees