Good Governance Forum 2019 brought together Government Leaders

On September 11, the second annual Good Governance Forum, organized by the Aspen Institute Kyiv, took place in Kyiv. The event was attended by 200 Ukrainian and international experts, government officials, media representatives, heads of public and international organizations, that today formulate policies in public administration.

The overarching theme of the Good Governance Forum 2019 was on the challenges faced by democratic institutions in connection with the rapid penetration of digital technologies. Misinformation, election interference, the security of personal data, etc. – these challenges are equally relevant for developing countries and societies with a long democratic tradition.

The Good Governance Forum was held in Kyiv for the second time. The objective of the Forum is to create a platform for leaders from different countries to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences on implementing relevant democratic governance practices and seek common responses to current challenges.


18 speakers from 6 countries joined the Forum and shared their vision of possible responses by government institutions, private companies and NGOs to basic threats to democracy associated with the development of digital technologies in different societies.

Speakers of the Good Governance Forum 2019:

 Natalie Jaresko, Chairperson, The Aspen Institute Kyiv; Executive Director, Financial Oversight & Management Board (FOMB) for Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico;
▪ Jan Neutze, Senior Director, Digital Diplomacy and Head, Cybersecurity & Democracy Team, Microsoft, USA;
▪ Marietje Schaake, Deputy of European Parliament (2009-2019), Netherlands;
▪ Max Schrems, Prominent European Tech Activist, Austria;
▪ Melinda Haring, Editor of the UkraineAlert blog, Atlantic Council, USA;
▪ Merle Maigre, Executive Vice President, CybExer Technologies, Estonia.
▪ Ambassador Henrik Villadsen, OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine, Ukraine
 Tyson Barker, Program Director, The Aspen Institute Germany, Germany
Olena Boytsun, Investment Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Luminate, Ukraine
▪ Elliot Gerson, Executive Vice President, The Aspen Institute, USA


You can watch the online broadcast of the Forum at this link >>


The Good Governance Forum is part of the Good Governance Program initiated by the Aspen Institute Kiev. This Program is aimed to support a dialogue platform for discussion of public issues, contradictions in existing state policies, global challenges and potential threats to be addressed by the state agencies. More about the program here >>


The Good Governance Forum 2019 was organized with the support of a grant from Luminate,  the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, Aspen Institute Romania, and Aspen Initiative for Europe.