The start of enrollment for the 25th-anniversary seminar on “Responsible Leadership”

Autumn is a beautiful time for philosophical discussions, expanding one’s worldview, deepening personal life experience, and enriching with new ideas.

Aspen Institute Kyiv announces the enrollment of participants for the 25th-anniversary seminar on “Responsible Leadership,” which will take place from October 14th till 20th in the Carpathian Mountains. You can learn more about the seminar and apply vai the link until August 22nd.

As of 2023, 24 seminars have been held, with over 570 participants. “Responsible Leadership” attracts significant attention from proactive Ukrainian leaders representing various sectors and perspectives. In the dialogue format, each participant can view familiar things through the prism of leadership diversity.

To form a balanced group of participants that adheres to the principles of diversity in opinions, areas of activity, and geography, we invite the following to participate:

  • Top-level government officials and representatives of local authorities.
  • Representatives of the culture and arts industry.
  • Politicians and policymakers.
  • Public figures.
  • Business representatives and company executives.
  • Journalists, bloggers, chief editors, and media personalities.
  • Philosophers, educators, scholars, thinkers, and visionaries.
  • Representatives from the sports, medical, creative industries, military service, and others.

Traditionally, the group will consist of 24 participants.

After applying, each applicant will receive a registration confirmation via email (please also check the “Spam” folder). If the email is not received, please inform us at office@aspeninstitutekyiv.org or call +380685555125.

We look forward to receiving your applications through the link until August 22nd.

We also appreciate recommendations from participants in the comments under the post, suggesting who might find this seminar interesting to ensure the formed group is vibrant and powerful.