The Executive Teams of Aspen Institute Kyiv and Aspen Institute Germany held a meeting in Berlin

The Aspen Institute Germany, like the entire Aspen Institute family, has been a strong supporter of our Institute since the onset of the full-scale invasion, allowing us to continue our activities.

Our teams have many joint projects to support and build connections and cooperation between our communities. One of them is the project for influencers, “Disinformation and the Role of Influencers in Social Media During Crises, Conflicts, and Wars,” to which the Aspen Institute Kyiv nominated six representatives. This year, several events have also been organized by the German Aspen Institute involving graduates of the Aspen Institute Kyiv. These include an international webinar titled “A Year of Russia’s Full-Scale War Against Ukraine,” as well as discussions on “Cities Under Siege” as part of the “Cities of the Future — Transatlantic Urban Project.”

Furthermore, last year, within the framework of the “Ukrainian Dialogue” project, a joint event took place, serving as a platform for generating new ideas regarding potential areas of cooperation between Ukrainian and German societies. A meeting of Ukrainian and German leaders also focused on supporting Ukraine’s course towards European integration.

We are sincerely grateful to the Aspen Institute Germany for their support and the implementation of joint projects. Such meetings demonstrate our shared desire to collaborate productively in fulfilling the mission of the Aspen Institute worldwide! The executive teams discussed many new tasks that lie ahead and can be provided in partnership.